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Thread: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watch.

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    My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watch.

    At last my 100 pictures have been uploaded. Now I show you where we have been to what we did etc ...

    We left early in the morning on Saturday, and arrived late in the eving on Sunday on the Island Albarella where we stayed in a apartment.

    On the Island you really have everything you need, a Mall, a fish shop, pizza delivery, restaurants, 4 star hotel, golf, mini golf, etc ...

    So it was pretty easy for us to get food and all. But we didn't really do much on the Island, we did mini golf and ordered pizza but for the rest we really just went to visit places. Mostly Venice.

    I am now going to show you some pics during the time we drove to Italy from Belgium.


    We just came out of a big tunnel leading thourgh a moutain and when we where out it was Snowing!

    As you can see it started to snow, this is in Switerland when we are driving to Italy.

    Also here[/spoiler]

    Now I am going to show you pics of our visit to Venice:


    Here is a typical shop where you can buy goodies of all sorts :yea

    A artist drawing Saint Marco Squire

    Painter selling his work

    NOW this is interesting, the bridge you see in the middle of the picture is the last bridge prisoners went over before the got executed

    An other pic of it

    A pic of the Saint Marco Squire in the center

    What Venice is so famous for the Gondelo, it costs pretty much to do it. 80 Euros each per person for 30 min. or 40.

    This are pics taken in a Musea that was open to the public, it showcases old music instruments.

    The last pic of the old instruments, some quite famous musisians have played with some of those

    The most famous point in Venice is the point around the big bridge.

    Same point of view but latter on

    Also taken from the same spot.

    Taken closer

    Also taken closer

    Typical for Venice

    Standing on the center of the bridge, looking to shops

    Taken on the bridge looking to the big stream that runs thourgh Venice. (I personally find this a very beautiful picture.)

    The sam pic showed before only now a better view of the shops as you can see.

    I find this a very funny pic, its a pizza in the form of a Gondola :yea

    Here we leave Venice for the first day with a boat to our car back to the main land.

    Saint Marco Squire from a long distance

    A huge church. I basically can't undertand how such heavy buildings can stand on water Anyway its fantastic the managed to do it. [/spoiler]

    Now I will show you pics of a little island village that is close to Venice called (Murano) That place is very know for there works of glass you will see in the pics bellow.


    Beautiful creations, there are ALOT of shops that sell and dispay glass creations

    Candy in the form of glass, I am very sure it will break very fast when you buy it and take it all the way back to where you came from. Its all of course very costy. Like you can see in the 3d and 4th pic.

    Yet an other of my favorite pics

    Inside a shop

    We have seen most of Murano now and wait for a boat to pic us up. While I see one of the stake complety rotten away. I saw many of those, one day I know it the hole place will fall down,collapse. [/spoiler]

    Now we are not going home with our boat but to yet an other island called Burano, a 5 min. boat tip from Murano.( Burano) is famous for its colorful buidlings.


    Burano is just like any village there, with streams and bridges everywhere. Its quite a nice view.

    This is also one of the best pics I find

    Before we went to Murano and Burano we had a fantastic dinner

    Now we also leave Burano, we did both on the same day the villages.

    A nice view of the sun going down taken from the boat. We now got to go back all the way to Venice then from Venice a boat to our car, and then from our car to our stay. Thats long belief me.[/spoiler]

    Venice again Its a nice shinny day


    THIS is intersting, its a workshop (we finally saw one) that repears boats

    A inside look of a painter his shop

    The very famous masks of Venice

    Saint Marco Squire again late this time

    Taken during the day

    A big Dom, or Church

    Some paintings

    I don't know what to say of this one. But I can only tell its magic, fantastic talent. He plays music on those glasses, he makes his fingers weat and plays on them. O if you could hear how beautiful it is o my its really something you must have seen.


    To the fish market, and explore the student district.


    Also a quite interesting bridge to take a look at.

    We have to wait at the bridge on a boat that will take us very close to the fish market. Its almost 12.00 meaning the fish market will end very soon.

    ON the boat taken

    We where lucky to be in time, most of the fish was already gone, but my dad was happy he could still look around and see some of the fish they offer.

    part of the fish market, but all the fruit was still there, of course fish gets bad faster then fruit. After the fish market we explored Venice for a bit.

    Flavour put in a funny form

    Horses from glass

    Then we came bye a shop who offerd to make a card with the name of my sister on it. Quite lucky we where that she would do that for us.

    All 3 I have made with the photo camera

    pic of church

    I love Italy for this fine cups of that

    Some buildings

    The famous bridge taken late in the evening

    I am not sure but I am thinking that is the townhall, anyway then we went back to our place and left Venice[/spoiler]

    Then we went to a city close to where we stayed called (Chioggia) We went to there also to see a fish market, only we came on the wrong day. And there was a other market of old stuff, furniture, etc ...


    We finally saw also a creature in the water

    A nice pic of a bridge and the stream

    Some more paintings

    Next day we went again to that city and this time we came at the right time

    And again a lovely dinner we had of the fish bought in the market[/spoiler]

    Now a week and some days past and we went back home.


    A good looking pic of a big mountain

    All above pics taken durning our trip back to Belgium from our car

    Last pic taken from our trip to Italy - Venice

    Break taking pics if I may says so.[/spoiler]

    Thank you very much for viewing and I hope you enjoyed it. Took me a while to put in place.

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    Re: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watc

    OMG! I WANT TO GO!!!!!!! I have been through the Pyrenees loads of times but OMG I love those mountains! I take it they are the ALPS right? (I'm not good at geography lol)

    I also live in the middle of one in the South of Spain


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    Re: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watc

    Thanks very much woody I want everyone to see this. Indeed those are the Alps and also I am not sure some of those also of the Elza's

    Have + karma man

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    Re: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watc

    Awesome pictures !

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    Re: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watc

    Thanks for the Karma! Here's some right back at you!

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    Re: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watc

    nice vary beutiful

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    Re: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watc

    Awesome Master! Thanks for sharing your trip.

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    Re: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watc

    you're just super lucky, man. it's one of my greatest dreams to be able to go to countries in Europe someday, they're old and full with legends and beautiful.

    thanks for sharing the photos with us here!

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    Re: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watc

    No problem, I hope your dream will one day come true. I hear everyone say Venice will come under water one day.

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    Re: My trp to Venice (Beautiful pics included!) Worth a watch.

    Ahh, what news on the rialto, then?

    Venice has a stunning history, it really does.

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