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Thread: MyBrute is getting HUGE!

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    MyBrute is getting HUGE!

    I was just reading an article on TylerCruz's blog about how HUGE MyBrute is getting. I signed up for it about a week ago and my guy is doing pretty well.

    Check it out:

    It's super simple to create your guy and battle. You cannot defeat me

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    Yeah I have few of my owns already for like 2 weeks now, its simple site, but I don't know.. they should ad few functions..

    Here are few of my brutes
    - My frist one .. not so good. - This one has an animal for help, he is quite good - And this one is a girl, she is also really good.

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    Golungo Queston My Brute

    That's mine I know, I haven't done much lately.
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    Just signed up.

    clookid My Brute

    How do you get your strength, agility and speed levels up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    Just signed up.

    clookid My Brute

    How do you get your strength, agility and speed levels up?
    You get them by recruiting other people to battle your Brute and in battles.
    Battle My Brute

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    My Brute has grown quite a bit since yesterday. Can't wait for the reset this afternoon so I can battle you guys!

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    i thought when I read the title you were talking about something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknb View Post
    Got level 7 My Brute
    My Brute is now level 7 as well with 44 pupils I'll be fighting you at 5PM CST when fights reset.

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