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Thread: Myth of 2012

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    Myth of 2012

    2012 - The myth exposed

    Does anybody remember Y2K? New Years Eve 1999 the world stopped and waited,.. and then,.. the clocks ticked over,.. and,.... NOTHING! How foolish are we! How foolish are the people who stocked up on life supplies of water and food because of the mere date!

    Why is this so foolish? You may think they were smart and prepared for the worst. However, the question is what exactly did these people think was going to happen?!?!

    2012 is just another date. 12 years after Y2K and we haven't learned a damn thing. If the government confirmed the so called "coming of Nibiru" why would it not call upon all minds of the world to solve the cataclysmic event? Keep in mind that they themselves have no answer to what they would do during a catastrophe of this nature. They would simply need everyone they could get, and disclosure would come directly after scientific evidence.

    The problem however is that there is no scientific evidence. People will run their mouth that the telescope on the South Pole is to track Nibiru; a claim that is entirely unjustified considering you would not be able to see it any better at the South Pole than anywhere in the southern hemisphere - possibly anywhere on earth.

    Additional lacking of evidence comes from the millions of civilian contractor scientists working with space seeking new planets on a daily basis. They use multimillion dollar telescopes to cruise the sky looking for incoming threats, discovering new planets, monitoring planetary alignment, seeking space anomalies, tracking alignment of satellites (and the telescopes on many of them), etc.

    Mankind is just foolish enough to get tripped up on these dates. Let's not forget however that Jesus Christ died 7 years prior to 0AD. This would make the current date 11/24/2015. Oh crap we missed it, oh well just have to wait another 3600 years .

    Let's break down some scientific facts shall we?

    Have a look at the following diagram and tell me what you think is incorrect about it.

    Nibiru Cycle

    Now tell me what is out of place in this picture. Yep, you guessed it! The planet that is supposedly the size of Saturn is on some ridiculously sloppy, mis-angled, mis-interpreted cycle!

    How come all of the planets are in perfect rotation of the sun except this mysterious planet whom nobody has any evidence for? Assuming it did indeed come 3600 years ago, the sheer gravitational force of a planet this size coming so close to our tiny little planets would have devastated the human race - or better yet devastated our tiny little planet.

    Mercury, Venus, Earth, The Moon, and Mars are all supposedly smaller than this planet, yet when it came right in front of all 5 it didn't even pull on them enough to make an oblong year cycle. This would contradict Einstein's mathematical theories entirely which would prove "Nibiru" to merely destroy any planet it comes in contact with by sheer gravitational force. If these 5 planets have not been pulled off of planetary alignment, and are still in great shape (no planetary dust that would signal a recent explosion) then this one is starting to look busted.

    If it were to come in contact and collide with any of these 5 planets (entirely possible due to gravitational pull of Nibiru) they would have been obliterated off of our radar and the space dust created would have circled and eventually landed on Nibiru, the planet in which collided with them.

    Let's calculate the sheer force of Nibiru on planet earth using Isaac Newton's law of Universal Gravitational Force.

    The Formula (This is calculated in Kilograms and assumes a distance of Nibiru to planet earth of 450,000KM or 450,000,000 Meters):
    Force of Gravity ~ (mass1 X mass2) / distance^2
    Earth's Mass = 5.9742 × 10^24
    Nibiru's Assumed Mass (double Earth's) = 1.19484 × 10^25
    (5.9742 × (10^24)) X 1.19484 × (10^25) = 7.13821313 × 10^49
    7.13821313 × 10^49 / 450,000,000^2 = 3.52504352 × 10^32

    The sheer gravitational force is (in newtons):
    3.52504352 × 10^32
    100000000000000000000000000000000 X 3.52504352 Newtons

    Let's put this into perspective with some Newtonian Examples:

    Gravitational attraction
    between Earth and Moon :: 2^26 Newtons
    Gravitational attraction between Earth and Sun :: 2.1^28 Newtons
    Gravitational attraction between "Nibiru" and planet Earth :: 3.52504352 × 10^32 Newtons

    As you can see this is an extraordinary amount of gravitational force. This is merely calculated for force against earth, but the truth of the matter is the gravitational force would be outward affecting all planets in our solar system. Given the current nature of our cyclic solar system, and circular rotation around the sun, we are safe to assume that this amount of Newtonian force was never brought as wrath down on Earth. The sheer effects would be effecting our planetary cycle to this day. It would be an amazement of science that all 5 smaller planets supposedly were completely unaffected by this force that supposedly brought it's wrath on earth 3600 years ago.

    I am starting to wonder if this is more Christian scare tactics as in the Bible it mentions "The day the earth stood still" - another theory which I believe is totally unacceptable.

    At the equator, the earth is rotating at a speed that is about 1,670 km/hr, or 1,070 mi/hr. However, it is traveling around the sun at a rate of 67,000 mph.

    The only possible act of gravity would be to stop the rate of traveling around the sun (67,000mph) because gravity is pulling on the object and does not have the effect of stopping it dead in it's tracks. It would have to halt our planet which weighs 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (6E+24) kilograms traveling at a rate of 67,000 MPH. Good luck Nibiru.

    If we are to assume the Earth will stand still on the arrival of Nibiru we can expect a few things. First of all we depend highly on both the rotation of earth on it's axis for our 24 hour periods as well as the rotation around the sun for yearly periods including seasons and weather cycles. A halt to all of this would be devestating and it is likely we never recover from it. Secondly we must note that if this has happened in the past how did earth begin moving again? You could assume gravity, but for the precise climate needed to maintain the variety of species that have evolved on this planet that is impossible. Earth never stopped spinning either on it's axis or around the Sun - because if it did we would see the effects of it to this day (I.E. we would have to start it back up again).

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    Wow, have read the text, pretty amazing Did you wrote this all?

    I didn't believe in 2012 anyways
    |Nico Lawsons

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    new scientist decided to join the community?

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    Seriously, its a good post. When the year 2000 was approaching, there were some concerns as well but those were justified because of some technical issues.
    Personally, I don't think anything will happen in 2012 other than some people losing their mind.

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    It's interesting, but you will find this entire block of content duplicated on several other sites. It looks like Google has found 184 duplicates. I don't think our friend here wrote this, although it looks like he is posting it on other forums.

    Also, whether you believe in 2012 or not, there is a lot of scientific misinformation in the post. The planets are not in perfect rotation around the sun. All orbits are elliptical (meaning oblong) or they will decay. Venus spins in the opposite direction of the other planets. Uranus is tilted on its side. Pluto has a very oblong orbit and is sometimes the 8th planet in distance from the sun, rather than the 9th (if you believe it is a planet).

    Who said Jesus Christ died 7 years prior to 0AD? That would not make the current date 11/24/2015 (which shows that this was written in 2008). It wouldn't change when the calendar dates started, which was an estimate of when Jesus Christ was born. Furthermore, the Mayans were not on the current Gregorian calendar or the previous Julian calendar. Those are European calendars. The Mayans never state the year 2012 anywhere. Their calendar ends on equivalent Gregorian calendar date in 2012. That date is simply the end of an era on the Mayan calendar. The simple explanation as to why the calendar does not continue is because there aren't any Mayans to keep the calendar rolling forward.

    Nibiru is not the prevailing theory (or fantasy) about the predicted cataclysm. There are two prevailing thoughts. One is that the Earth's poles will reverse. There is plenty of evidence that this has happened several times in the past and may be responsible for several past mass extinctions. Also, the magnetosphere that protects the Earth from cosmic and solar radiation has been diminishing for at least the past 150 years, which some scientists think could be a prelude to a polar shift (and possible the real reason for climate change).

    The other prevailing theory is that the solar system will be in perfect alignment with the plane of the Milky Way galaxy (our galaxy), and the combined gravitational forces will cause havoc. The same nonsense was predicted a few years ago when several planets in the solar system were in alignment.

    The 2012 theories do not originate with Christians. It is primarily driven by people who wear tin foil hats so that the government (or Martians) cannot read their thoughts.

    I don't believe that the world will end in 2012, but if you do believe in it I strongly urge you to transfer all of your money to me for safe keeping.
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    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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