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Thread: NB Times News!!!

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    NB Times News!!!


    Here we discuss about latest news in NB

    Breaking news :
    Shenron post official thread of $Netbucks

    We can also buy and sale our $Netbucks to bank but minimum 1000$Netbucks at a time.


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    Breaking news:

    Suman is back .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suman View Post
    Breaking news:

    Suman is back .
    Where the hell were you mate?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suman View Post
    Breaking news:

    Suman is back .
    Welcome back Suman
    We miss u

    Another Breaking News:
    NB signature Link is in demand
    and many of members spamming there post.

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    Many services available on discount.


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    Breaking News:

    I've reached 100 posts .

    Sorry for posting about myself. I can't find any other news.

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    Another Breaking News:-

    Right now we have 2371 members.

    NB grow speed is faster than the light speed

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    Several pieces of breaking news:

    The new NetBucks idea spawns multiple uses. Amongst them include the actual ability to trade them in for real cash, and buy them with real cash, although the buy 1000 for $10 and sell 1000 for $6 doesn't seem very enticing or appealing for that matter.

    There have also been several debates as to whether or not posts should count in the General Chat section. My vote goes for no, but the choice is clearly not up to me, and therefore my opinion means next to nothing.

    Also, the blackhat section of the forum is looking extremely paltry in comparison to other private forum areas. I also have over half a dozen great moneymakers in there, so I suggest you check it out as soon as possible and contribute. Regards,


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    Coming back after 28 hours as my Broadband was not working !

    Feeling good now !

    - Digital -

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