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Thread: Near Death Experience

  1. Near Death Experience

    well today has been hectic a girl died in my year been a very bad day and to make it worse nearly killed myself and a mate wasin the car for 30seconds hit this metal block thing on the floor yanked me and a friend forward both heads smashed the widescreen i had no seatbelt on .. was driving a mates car too no insurance nothing on private land just having abitof fun could of been way worse but omg it gave me the biggest shock of my life if i survived and killed my mate i dont know if i would of carried on in life..
    i feel in a proper downer at the moment i owe my mate damages on the car and im only 17 going to be hard plus ive been convicted of GBH and owe 1500quid to the court ( i didn't even do the offence )

    everything is against me ***** life sucks at the moment

    sorry for the rant but im so messed up at the moment

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    Wow! That's a story.. It pretty much sucks for you know, but I'm sure it will all go well soon I know you since the old warez time, where we both passed (glad we did) and it's great we know eachother up to now!

    You've been helping me a lot, it would be sad if you have left! Glad you didn't Wish you all the best, mate!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Glad you and your mate survived.

    Diet Fads

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    Thats pretty deadly indeed, great that you guys survived.
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  5. I was in sort of the opposite situation a lot of years back. My friend John totalled my car. He broke the drivers side window with his head. I ended up with a broken kidney, a broken liver, a snapped shoulder blade, and a collapsed lung. Luckily for all us no charges were filed.

    It all turned out OK in the end. Time heals all wounds. Chicks dig scars.

    Don't let yourself be thrown off-course by the troubles of life.

    What's the story with the girl?
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    These kind of experiences suck big time but ultimately will add to your life experience. Eventually, you may even get something positive out of it be it to write about it and remind others to wear seatbelts for example

    Glad to hear that you and your friend survived.

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    Life is hard, is a battle each day. Troubles are at the corner every minute. But The bigger is your problem, the bigger is your experience. Get the best of each experience and enjoy while fixing up troubles.

  8. The girl passed away sadly while sleeping on holiday ( they don't know what happened yet ) im going to the funeral friday.

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