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    Wink Need Advise

    Hi friends, I have started a new site

    Photoshop Stuff and I really worked hard on the backlinks, can you give me an advise, Should I sell it or not? Its getting 200+ uniques/day, If I should sell it, thenn what price can I expect? As far as I know some articles are unique, even the tutorials are made by me myself, so if it is to be sold, then what price can I get out of it???


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    Generally, you sell Web sites based on revenue multipliers (i.e. if your Web site earns $100/month and the consumer agrees to buy the Web site for 10 times the monthly revenue, you would be paid $1000).

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    i myself wouldn't sell it right at this moment i would wait a little while

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    Why would you want to sell a site right when it starts getting traffic, etc?

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    The site seems to be offline here...
    Am I the only one experiencing this?

    |Nico Lawsons

  6. What are your motivations for selling the site?

    Is your interest in the site waning?
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  7. Site dont seem to load for me either.

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    The site was not loading coz of server problems, well I want to sell it coz I am not getting that much time to maintain...! But still if would be beneficial then I would like to update it and keep it, thats why I am looking for your advise...!

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    If you're passionate about the topic and actually like maintaining the site, i'd suggest you keep it.

    The important thing is to figure out whether this site is a quick buck project for you, or whether you want to make it something bigger.

    Nevertheless, its too early to sell now - try doubling the revenue and selling it for more.

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    Thanx for the advise mate...!

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