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Thread: Need simple help

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    Need simple help

    Recently i have huge argument with my GF and i'm thinking of doing something to apologize .....
    but i don't have much idea, so i created a page on her site to apologize and wish member from this forum can help me to sent a note to her ......

    Millions thanks

    Page :
    I’m Sorry | JuneOng on Money Matters

    Sorry, i don't give out her email address due to spam, i scare she will hate me more.

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    anyone have any extra solution ?
    she delete the complete site .....
    pls, i need to apologize for my mistake.

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    It would be best to apologize in private. call her or speak face to face

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    It would be best to apologize in private. call her or speak face to face
    try but she not willing to come out ...

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    I'd say, give her sometime to cool off, maybe a day or two or maybe a week, just let the anger and all negative energy go first, soon as she comes to her senses again then you can try to talk to her and do whatever you think necessary to apologize.

    There's no point of contacting or even trying to talk to her if she's still angry as she won't listen (you said it your self, she didn't come out to see you) don't bother making 'an apology page' as it might even fuel her rage

    So, if I were you, I will give her all time and space she needs and wait till she's ready to talk to you again.


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