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Website Description (forum): Neo AnimeChains is a forum where anime fans gather to talk about their favorite anime series, RP, and socialize all in one place.

Our Goal: Anime has grown into a world wide phenomenon since becoming popular beyond the borders of Japan. These changes have been most abundantly seen in the last 20 years. AnimeChains aims to be the place where anime fans can not only only discuss, but discover new anime. Our goal is to make this a place where these discoveries can happen

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1. What is the Anime Chains?

Answer: Animechains is a community that has gathered together for all things anime. Reviews, RP, graphics, and general discussion on the side. It's the forum for those who want to discover the world of anime

2. why did you make the forum?

Answer: The AnimeChains community started originally in 2003, and flourished through 2008. When the webmasters closed the forum, I created a new one where many from the previous community reside. As the first significant community I've come to lead, I sincerely want to see this community come alive once again.

3. how many members do you have on your forum?

Answer: 248 & growing

4. can you talk about other things on the most AnimeChains?

Answer: Animechains' main theme is anime, however, members interested in any genre of discussion are welcome to join the community. We have a non-anime section with the day-to-day discussions that members seek when not talking anime. :]

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