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Thread: New Fiction Forum

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    Do you like to read fiction books and watch fictitious movies? then this is the forum for you! Here at Fiction Lovers we provide fiction lovers with a community of other fiction lovers where they can discuss their thoughts about fiction books and movies, compare their favorite book to its movie counterpart, and review fiction movies and books.

    We hope to see you there

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    Update: Great news, the forum is growing! We now have 165 posts and 18 members. We also got a slightly different skin and a new logo too. Come on in and Join this growing community!

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    Nice forum, keep up the good work

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    Big update:

    In just 2 weeks we have gotten the following stats: Total posts 554 | Total topics 100 | Total members 38

    Please come on in and join this quickly growing community!

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    We now have over 950 posts, 150 threads and over 50 members. This is all for about 3 weeks now. I have a feeling we are going to reach over 1000 posts before the 1 month mark!

    We also have a new domain:

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    We have reached over 1500 posts and over 250 threads. We also have 82 members! We also have gotten premium hosting allowing us to have a few more mods. Also we have started a few contests that seem to be bringing a little bit of activity to the forum. I hope that everyone decides to at least see the forum, and hopefully join!

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    We have 2000 posts and almost 300 threads! we also have 3 members off from 90 members. we also have started contest weher you can win posts for your forum or a .info domain! For more details, go here:

    Hope to see you there

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    Total posts 2279 | Total topics 316 | Total members 89 | Our newest member rockinaway

    The contest is sill going on!

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    Total posts 2504 | Total topics 331 | Total members 92 | Our newest member citystatic

    We are starting to lose activity Please join this site!

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    Total posts 2545 | Total topics 342 | Total members 95 | Our newest member TheTechZone

    Please join, we don't bite

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