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Thread: New xbox 360

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    Re: New xbox 360

    i heard of this a looong time ago. I have the older one..

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    Re: New xbox 360

    I'm going to buy it alright. The extra memory will come in hand big time.

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    Re: New xbox 360

    Don't like xBox. But it's better then PS3 right now, wont be when PS3 updates. Then PS3 will be ahead again.

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    Re: New xbox 360

    Xbox 360s are junk. I heard they had a lot of problems.

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    Re: New xbox 360

    [quote name="Coelho"]Xbox 360s are junk. I heard they had a lot of problems.[/quote]

    Actually, the regular Xbox had a lot of problems. Though the problems that you may be talking about their actually rare. Plus, I don't face them because my Xbox is modded. So when it get Red Rings of Death, I just have to turn it off and turn it back on to make it fix itself.

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    Re: New xbox 360

    I don't like the new xbox 360..

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    Re: New xbox 360

    The old 360 does that to if you move the Xbox around while the disk is in the system. Especially while the disk is spinning.

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    Re: New xbox 360

    You wanna test it? Put in a disk turn your system on put the system up right and then move the system back down and see if it scratches the hell out of your disk cause my friend had it happen to him once before.

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    Re: New xbox 360

    Well that's lame why do you want to do that? :P

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    Re: New xbox 360

    Hmm, well try putting in a crappy CD or something haha :P

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