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Thread: Is Norton a good antivirus software?

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    Is Norton a good antivirus software?

    Currently, I'm using Avast! Professional and its subscription is going to soon finish and I was thinking of switching to Norton anti virus. I have heard some positive and negative argument about it and I was wondering if you guys would recommend it.

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    Why do you wanna pay. There are tons of free and good security tools out there. E.g. AVG, Avast, Malwarebytes', Comodo,etc..
    Norton is good but is known to have loads of compatibility issues. Unless you have a fast Pc, there's no point going for norton as it will just keep eating up your memory.
    I'd suggest you use a free firewall like Zonealarm or Comodo and use an anti-malware, probably Malwarebytes'.
    That's my combination of security tools atleast.

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    Norton using it since quite a long time and am happy with its i feel to continue with it further also

  4. Norton uses too much system resources for my taste. I want something that is light on the system. And norton used to have one of the biggest anti-virus foot prints out of just about all of the ones on the market.

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    I agree with Snak3, i use AVG and havent had any problems so far. I also strongly suggest Malwarebytes, its very good at searching through all your files for any viruses.

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