Yesterday was a action and we didn't had school. We went out in the city of the school Lier and played a game. In the city puzzles locked around posts with a code combination where put. And we had to answer questions on every puzzle walking fast because you had to be on many places. Then once you had all answers you have to get the number of the cod so you can unlock the puzzle and bring it to your teacher. Everything went good but some people form my class changed the combination of the puzzle making it impossible to use it again. And broke a piece of a puzzle. We have to pay for the damage they have done. Because they don't know who from my class so they let everyone pay and split the cost to everyone. But good news after a while the guy's who did it confessed and we don't need to pay anything now.

But a sad thing that had that happen. But I am happy my family don't need to pay for something I didn't do.