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Thread: Obligatory Picture Thread

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    The duct tape is a specialty tool... sometimes gotta do my own auto repairs.

  2. Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, it has a dark side, and it holds everything in the Universe together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post

    A really bad-quality photo of me at the Hill Climbing Champs.

    Found the bigga version.

    Found one of me going down Paekakariki Hill! I was just starting out (that was my first 100km ride) road cycling, hence the small thighs and backpack underneath fluro and knitted jersey (wind breakers work much better). Don't kill me for being in the middle of the road, please, I was travelling 70km/hr (little control, so reflectors don't help... plus, I was going the same pace as the traffic anyway). P.S. Yep, NZ'rs use the left lane, not the right.

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