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Thread: Oldest person in the US dies aged 114

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    R.I.P, 114 years is a fantastic lifespan though.

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    Wow, I never even knew that the person who was the oldest was still living. I thought that the oldest living persons age was one hundred and two, but you learn new things everyday.

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    [quote name='kasem' date='09 March 2010 - 01:44 AM' timestamp='1268099096' post='10790']

    wow, was that person the oldest person living in the world?


    Nope, just the oldest in the US.

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    If you want to know here's the Wkipedia entry on the oldest person in the world.

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    Yeah, oldest ever person confirmed by the GWR was 122.

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    I work with kids so I get sick too much. But I think I can give her a run for her money.

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    I also thought the longest person lived was 102 or 104 until i heard about the 114 year old from school and now here

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    Rest In peace to Him!! With recent updates in Health care most of them live more longer, but it always depends upon the diet you Take!

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