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    Does anyone here use Omegle? I don't much anymore, got a bit bored of it though it is funny if I do go on.

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    I use it sometimes. Me and a friend got on at the same time one time. It was really funny.

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    Did for a bit, it gets boring like most of those things.

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    [quote name='Humpback' date='16 March 2010 - 08:13 AM' timestamp='1268727223' post='11377']

    Did for a bit, it gets boring like most of those things.


    You are trolling wrong, then. When you are bored, just troll.

    You: Hi

    Stranger: Hey (:

    You: Guess what? :'D

    Stranger: What? =O

    You: The game!

    Stranger has disconnected from the chat

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    I don't go on it a lot, when I'm bored I go on it to get a good laugh

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    I usually go on Omegle to troll. BUT if my troll attempt doesnt get the person to disconnect, I start trolling harder till the person realizes that it is hopeless to debate against a troll.

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    When I'm bored or need a laugh, yes.

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