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Thread: OMG

  1. OMG is a new simple chat service, where you can talk to a random stranger right away, no registration etc.

    This is ridiculous, it's only about a week old and already cranking up to alexa's top 10K and shows over 2000 people online!

    The site itself is quite simple and straightforward and was done by a 18 year old kid. Somehow it got lots of publicity from various top blogging, twitter and news sources.

    Wonder whats gonna happen next there.

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    Interesting site - I got talking to this really interesting guy but I guess there'd be some weirdo's on there!
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    Kind of interesting idea. I talked to couple of strangers in there. I was surprised to not see "Buy cheap viagra" messages there.

    But with this kind of site, spam can be a big problem.

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    looks great
    seems like its soon going to be the next meebo but too much anonymity is surely going to lead too much spam for sure

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    Good if you wanna kill your time.. Sometimes, you REALLY want to talk to a random person.. It's kinda stress buster and you can screw around

    Can't go very far because people will end up going to regular IMs with those "stranger" as nicks.. and if one disconnects.. It's lost.. talk to another stranger now.
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    It took me 6 people before I got connected to someone that didn't greet me with "how the fuck are ya?" or "fuck you."

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    Pretty cool stuff, talked to 2 people already
    Very good idea in fact

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    It took me 6 people before I got connected to someone that didn't greet me with "how the fuck are ya?" or "fuck you."
    As if you were waiting for that 7th
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    I talked to two and all they said were hi,yea, ok. It was not like I was talking to someone more look like a mechanical conversation.

  10. I actually connected a couple times for brief conversation and was surprised that the people in there were actually quite intelligent. I read on that blog that there are plenty of trolls, who curse and leave, but haven't met any. Only spent like 3 min there.

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