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Thread: Online purchase

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    Online purchase

    How you purchase online? through
    Credit card
    Virtual credit card

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    PayPal. I pay as PayPal balance whenever I can. But CC via PayPal is second option. Actually, I do not use credit card. I use debit card (Visa Electron). But some places accept it as CC, if it is tied to PayPal.

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    Yes it is the problem with Debit card, I create virtual credit card.
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  4. I use credit card or PayPal. I'm trying to wean myself off of PayPal, but I might as well try to give up oxygen.
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    paypal and looking at getting a debit card soon not that i actually buy much stuff on the web

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    I’ve purchased only one time through online, a laptop computer from Dell company website. I used credit card to purchase that.

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    I use paypal when possible, otherwise CC. When using CC it is always through trustworthy sites anyway and have not came yet came across a product that I want that is not available on a trustworthy website.

  8. paypal, moneybookers, cc

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    Visa electron debit card
    Sometimes with this card over paypal.

    Few days ago they eat me 6.99. I bought rapidshare premium, it redirected me to paypal, I clicked on Pay now and waited, but I did not redirected back to rapidshare as usual.

    In my bank there is pending 6.99 euros, but on paypal history there is nothing. I contacted tech support 5 days ago and nothing.

    I am hoping they will return me my money.

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    Paypal is the best for me
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