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Thread: Our Abstinence Program

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    Our Abstinence Program

    How do you figure this?

    Our Abstinence program in our state is to inform us of the dangers of having sex and what will happen to you and to make sure we will never ever do it.

    Now my question is, what happens if it does happen? It has already. They don't teach for what to do in case it happens. That is my problem with it. Not everyone will be able to stay abstinent. So why not teach our kids what to do incase it does happen?

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    Re: Our Abstinence Program

    Abstinence is pointless, after all, sex is natural. Thankfully we're not so indoctrinated by religion in the UK and have appropriate sexual education from about 11/12 yrs old onwards.

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    Sex is a natural thing and for goodness sake, this isn't the 1930's. Marriage is hardly a factor anymore because it's so commonplace for couples to live together for a few years before marriage, among other things.

    Abstinence is a stupid thing to try and throw onto the youth in this generation. Times have changed and not for better or for worse (it's just the ideal way for this generation). If a particular youth 'wants' to be abstinent, then fine, but it's unlikely that most youths will be.

    THT is right, what do you do if you're not abstinent and get into trouble? Where's your sex ed teacher then?

    Eh, I digress...

    "Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant, AND DIE!"

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