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Thread: Paypal or Alertpay?

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    Both are just fine, I used them for a while now. I can say that paypal is more professional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chatadmin View Post
    Which are your thoughts? Who did you think is better?

    A lot of PTC sites have boycotted Paypal as their main method of payment.

    Alertpay seems to offer more features such as cheques, bank withdrawals, etc(to many countries compared to paypal)

    Good for alertpay if that is true everywhere. In my country Alertpay is not widely supported. I am not even sure if I can cash Alertpay funds in anyway here in my region. Unlike Paypal, which is also easily accepted in most online stores. So I only use paypal.

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    In fact, I use Paypal more, because it is easier for paypal in our country.

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    I prefer and use Alerpay because it's simple

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    I think Paypal is much better than AlertPay.

    Paypal is more popular, and more people use it. I personally use Paypal.

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    i will chose paypal because got protection.. and i can use to shop too

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    You cand use paypal almost on every site, it's very common. So i vote for paypal also.

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    PayPal, of course. More useful.

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    paypal often limited! >"< I can't use it

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    Paypal is the most used on the internet and it has some really good solutions for webmasters. I have used AlertPay before but overall i found that Paypal is more secure.
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