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Thread: Paypal or Alertpay?

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    Paypal or Alertpay?

    Which are your thoughts? Who did you think is better?

    A lot of PTC sites have boycotted Paypal as their main method of payment.

    Alertpay seems to offer more features such as cheques, bank withdrawals, etc(to many countries compared to paypal)
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    Personally i would choose paypal because it is used by most online shops

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    Yeah, i use paypal for the same resons as the poster above.
    Also people pay by paypal more than Alertpay most of the time.

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    Paypal is used more than Alertpay but Alertpay is equally good. The best part is, alertpay has no fees for personal starter accounts i.e. AP to AP payments. Paypal's fees starting at $0.30 eat up quite a lot out of small payments, I'd prefer Paypal but in terms of Fees Alertpay is better.

  5. As far as I am concerned, I go with Paypal. It is safe and secure and for me it is very simple to got my money into my bank account.

    I am used with Paypal and I would not change it for other payment method.

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    I'm using paypal too because I first found paypal than alertpay.
    It is just sad that paypal now has already fees for those who use personal account. But stiil I'm using it. It is still the better choice.

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    Paypal but paypal must have creditcard to unlimit

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    I preferred paypal for their security system. I do not ned to worry about hacking issues. But in term withdrawing money, I prefer Alertpay, which AP offer only $0.50 for withdraw, which is the cheapest compare with paypal.

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    paypal is widely accepted by most of the online community than alert pay
    even dell website is now accepting payments through paypal
    so i will give my vote for paypal

  10. I like alertpay now, but you can't send money to another member if it is just cents, unlike with paypal, you can send even cents.

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