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Thread: PayPal Suspends Personal Payments to India

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    Question PayPal Suspends Personal Payments to India

    PayPal, an eBay company, has suspended personal payments to and from India and transfers to local banks in the country.

    Customers can still make commercial payments to India, but merchants cannot withdraw funds in rupees at local Indian banks, it added.

    PayPal Suspends Personal Payments to India - PCWorld Business Center

    In your opinion, what's real reason for this ?

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    Yeah, they are reversing transactions made through personal payments. I have read somewhere that they have an issue with RBI.

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    I never really trusted PayPal... or any financial institution that isn't a physical bank.

    For example, I fully trust my bank (Bank of America) but I have no confidence in PayPal or PerfectMoney, even though I use them. In fact, I'm even skeptical about any other type of network that has my money: Affiliate Programs, Advertising Networks, etc. Why? Because one way or another, they can find a way to just do whatever they want. If PayPal decides to limit your account, they can. If a network decides to just not pay you, they can choose to do so.

    I keep nothing in my PayPal account - always send it right to my bank account.

    It's sad that we have to live this way, but it's either be overly cautious, or lose what you've earned, and I don't want that to happen. I feel really bad for the people in India who have been totally screwed by PayPal... so, for those who live in that region who haven't been affected, protect your funds - the suspension storm might be coming your way!

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    ^^ yes you are right, one of my friend got limitation where he have 400$ in his acc.
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    In Costa Rica they don't support banks. The reason is obvious. Lots of scams coming from there. Bank employees being on the payroll for phone scam cartels, money wired disappears, no accountability and such. Not sure what the problem is with India, but from what I see Paypal will pull the plug when it becomes too much of a headache and their reputation suffers.
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