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    Since, in the other thread we were discussing about photography. I will post some shots here.

    Well thats taken approximately 5 years before with a normal camera.

    Now i have got a Nikon D60 with a couple of lenses. I will post some screens later.

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    Re: Photography

    Nice picture, a bit dark, but again like ya said it was only a normal camera... lol would like to see more and I will post mine as well

    Anyways good picture !! lovely.

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    Re: Photography

    Nice picture Sanket, where was that taken?

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    Re: Photography

    Its a beach near Goa, India.

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    Re: Photography

    I love it. its a job well done

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    Re: Photography

    Photoshop it! Now!

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    Re: Photography

    Master can posts some shots of his trip when he gets back.

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    Re: Photography

    Wow this is nice!! I love the colours. Good job!

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