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Thread: PkerScape

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    Website Name: PkerScape

    site link:

    Website Description: A RuneScape Private Server, 24/7, custom quests, custom items, Great, friendly and reliable staff.

    Your name on the Board: Donal

    -Subway Page-

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    5.(Question in bold)


    -Board Started on: 7 Nov 2009

    -Category: Pure gaming Forums(Private Servers)

    -Forum Link:



    [align=center]A RuneScape Private Server, 24/7, custom quests, custom items, Great, friendly and reliable staff.[/align]


    Join PkerScape Now!

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    ***PkerScape*** [24/7]

    ..:taff List::..



    (. (. wner-





    (. (. Co-wner-


    ..:://[ OPEN ]\\::..



    (. (. dministrator-

    ..::// [ OPEN ]\\::..

    ..::// [ OPEN ]\\::..



    (. (. Super oderator-

    ..::// [ Trainboy3 ]\\::..

    ..::// [ X Nikolia X ]\\::..



    (. (. oderator-

    ..::// [ XD Man XD ]\\::..

    ..::// [ OPEN ]\\::..





    ***Server Features***



    (. (. Edgeville Home

    Great Custom Items

    Godsword Specials working


    Player vs Player Combat

    Player vs NPC Combat

    custom quests

    weekly updates

    PK Shops/Normal Shops

    Pk Training places

    Skill training places

    Great Friendly Staff

    Great Server

    Great Economy.


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    New Award System

    I have made some new awards for a new awards system, They are called Userbar Medals, they will replace the current awards system because the ones we have now are to hard.


    1. How do i earn them?

    There are different userbars to get depending on your rep/post count to how much pkcoins you have and if you have a certain custom such as Dragon claws.

    2. Are they hard to earn?

    They are challenging, and they're really not that hard to earn.

    Rules on them:

    • [*:1gz44h0j]No leaching the userbars off others and putting them in your signature.

      [*:1gz44h0j]All userbars you earn will be put in your signature, you can't put them in your avatar or anywhere else.

      [*:1gz44h0j]All userbars are copyrighted to PkerScape, any sites found leaching will have them removed.

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    PkerScape Search Engine

    PkerScape Search Engine

    We know have our own Search engine! Please visit our Search engine

    Powered by Google and

    PkerScape Search Engine: Click Here!

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    New Company Logo System Added

    I have added a few logo's into our messages so say if you type Firefox, Chrome or Opera. These are the latest ones I've added, I will be updating them through the weeks. More...

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    New Homepage!

    Please visit and check it out! The New PkerScape Homepage! Home you all like it.

    I will change the theme every month/year.


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    Promotion and Demotion

    24/4/10- Joe has been demoted from Moderator.

    24/4/10- Mad Max has been Promoted to VIP.

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    Re: PkerScape

    >Updated Smilies.

    Replaced the graphic Gallery Icons, Edit post icons and Inbox. join now!

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    Re: PkerScape

    PkerScape Hiring Staff!



    (. (. Super Moderator-

    ..::// [ OPEN ]\\::..

    ..::// [ CLOSED ]\\::..



    (. (. Moderator-

    ..::// [ OPEN ]\\::..

    ..::// [ OPEN ]\\::..

    To Apply register at PkerScape and send me(Donal) a Private Message HERE or Send an email to

    When applying please tell us the following things:

    >Why do you want to be this staff position?

    >Do you have any Experience? If yes please tell us which forum/site.

    >What will you do different to the other staff members?

    >Will you be a active staff member?

    >Do you know about runescape private servers?

    >Have you played a runescape private server or runescape?

    Thank you.

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    Re: PkerScape

    27/4/10- Spoongirl joined the Graphics Team!

    30/4/10- Marvin_Silent25 has joined the Super Moderator Team!

    A few more Updates, Check out PkerScape to see:

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