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Thread: Playstation Revamped

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    Playstation Revamped

    Website Name: Playstation Revamped

    site link:

    Website Description: A gaming community with shoutbox and ad free for members.

    Your name on the Board: ruziko

    -Subway Page-

    Forum Interview

    When was the forum created?


    What types of video games do you discuss?


    Why did you pick that particular name?


    Who are the administrators of the site?


    Do you have any age limits or requirements for members?


    Additional Info:

    Board Started on:


    Forum Link:

    [align=center]Playstation Revamped[/align]

    [align=center]Playstation Revamped[/align]

    [align=center]Description of forum or link forum: A gaming community with shoutbox and ad free for members.[/align]


    Forum Interview

    Additional Info

    Board Started on: Date goes here

    Category: Gaming

    Forum Link:

    Page writen by: ruziko (I'm dynastygal on my own forum)

    Our users get 100% ad-free viewing once signed up. There is also a database you can submit games or reviews too, and an ad-free shoutbox too.

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    Re: Benefits of Signing Up

    I don't see a shoutbox

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    Re: Benefits of Signing Up

    Registered to the site? I see it....

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    Fill in questions please.

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    Interesting catergory layout. very different, I wish you and your forum all the success

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