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Thread: Playstation Revamped

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    Playstation Revamped

    Playstation Revamped is a gaming community with lots of different features. We have ad-free for members, shoutbox for members, jukebox and arcade for all, a games and reviews database, and more. We have two different views to the forum with the main being panel view, but you can change this using the button at the bottom so you view the forum in normal list view (like most forums are shown in).

    So, come on in and join today

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    Nice work with it.

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    Looks good but some of the text kinda feels like it runs together where it shouldn't.

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    Thanks, and which text exactly is that?

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    This bit here...

    Welcome To Playstation Revamped
    Come inside and add your input to the ever growing playstation revamped community. Pop into general chat for the latest
    on how to make a cup of tea, or jump straight on into the fray
    and talk about videogames to your hearts content in our variety of gaming boards!

    I think you should have a break between the welcome and where your forums start, it might make it look better.

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    I think it looks nice but the layout does take a little time to get used to and is confusing at first.

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    Ah yeah, needs another

    or so.

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    Great job, your forum looks really nice. And the images are a nice touch.

    Good luck with it.

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    I've added spaces, does it look better now Daniel?

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    Re: Playstation Revamped

    Looks different from the other forums , and its great !

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