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Thread: Pollution & Damage to the Earth and our Enviourment

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    Pollution & Damage to the Earth and our Enviourment

    Well I'd like to start this topic so we can all debate about Pollution all over the world and the damage it is doing to Earth and our enviourment. Everywhere you go you will see rubbish such as ciggarette buds , candy wrappers and sometimes dypers and garbage bins lying on the street. Also we are using way too much of the Earths natuaral resources such as Coal & Oil. Oil levels are running low that there is a war going on in Iraq just for the Oil where many British , American and Irish Lives have been lost. Also cars all over the world are emitting gasses into the air damaging the ozone layer!

    Right now I know that we are thinking of more energy efficient ways such as getting electricity from Wind and but even that is not enough to support everyone all over the Earth... Please share your facts and opinions about this. Thank you.

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    Re: Pollution & Damage to the Earth and our Enviourment

    Moving this to debates as it's not a news story, more a general debate.

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    Re: Pollution & Damage to the Earth and our Enviourment

    One of the top causes of pollution is animal agriculture. From lakes/quarries being the dumping ground for animal waste to the methane due to cows and such.

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