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Thread: Poor Guy lost his 25$ by Will

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    LOL Will you wanna buy my old Web Goro DB for $50?? I had like 100 something members and 1k + posts

    Oh yeah I need to buy that domain again if 1and1 finally got rid of it (hoping they did so I can register it at namecheap cause I liked that domain)
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    It doesn't look like the fool ever realized what he did.

    Nice response, Will.
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  3. I'm thinking that buying other forums is a quick way to grow NB.

    I have initiated discussions with a large number of forum owners, but people have some really wonky ideas about forum valuations.

    I figured that this tiny forum, for $75 (or $50...) would be a good first test of the "process" of killing and eating a forum.

    It's IPB, which I have never used. That should raise the challenge level just a bit.
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    Will is the internet guru.
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    Quote Originally Posted by homebizseo View Post
    Will is the internet guru.
    Haha, you made me laugh
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    Nice 1, though the title should be:

    Advanced Selling by Dummies. (or maybe dumbasses)

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    lol if Will wrote a book I'd probably buy it
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  8. #19, I think its plain junk & spam forum Will.. what made you buy an Alexa 2mil ranked forum??
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    When Will said sold @$75, the seller Obviously thought Will implied the forum had been sold to someone else for $75. The seller then said it hadnt been. Obviously the seller had no idea Will meant he wnated to buy it for $75.

    I suppose $50 is a fairer price than $75 for that forum anyway. In fact, I wouldn't have bought it for $10 even. But I suppose Will had his reasons.

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