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    Post Factory

    Website Name:post Factory

    site link: Http://

    Website Description: We are here to kick start forums that you have that are new and need to get started or a forum that's has been halted in its tracks and goes no were this will give it a kick in the butt to get it back up and running.

    Our Goal: Is To up hold everything we offer and the users come first to us and nothing else

    Your name on the Board: UM Well since i started to be on the internet its Been Dragoth and always will be.

    -Subway Page-

    1.Why did you make this site?

    Answer: well since i have made many forums i never got over 1000 post or 50 members and i found it a pain in the but i made this site to help people get over the hump.

    2. How did you get this Idea?

    Answer: well i seen sites were you can but post and i was like who is willing to pay for post on there site so i went out and came up with this its 100.99% free

    3.So how many people can get this offer?

    Answernly one will get the full offer. but there is more 1st place will get 100% and there link in the top menu bar for 15 days

    2nd place will get 50% of their post and they will get there link at the bottom of the forum for 15 days

    3rd place will get 25% of their post

    if you have an odd number of post we will round it the the higher number this will be a great deal. multiple staff members will do the post on your site/forum that's a great deal

    a lot of post and members to your site this is for every 15 days.

    Once 15 days are Over the site will be down for no more then 1 day then a new 15 days will start again. It will be down for a day because we need to reset all the users post count to zero and do the post.We shut it down to give everyone a far chance.

    4.Why Is the Tos page So long and in depth?

    Answer: They were placed there because we need to protect are users from hacking and threading programs.

    5.What do you all offer?

    Answer: we offer post and links to the 1st and 2ndplaces 3rd will only get post. we will bring more features in the future when the site gets bigger.

    -Board Started on:Wed May 05, 2010 8:02 pm

    -Category: Promotion/Unique no to sure witch one it is

    -Forum Link:post factory

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    Re: Post Factory

    Moved to Promoting & Admin Discussion Forum's.

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    Re: Post Factory

    Nice looking forum. I'll join later.

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    Re: Post Factory

    post factory has had 2 contest so far

    First Winner's

    Cauldron with 12 post win's 9 post

    Sr. woody with 8 post win's 4 post

    SAMCRO with 6 post win's 2 post

    Ended 5 days early

    Second Winner's

    phio69 with 31 post win's 24 post

    fredstyras with 5 Posts win's 3 post [strike]Marvin[/strike]

    Felly with 5 post wins 2 post [strike]galestyras[/strike]

    the 2 that has no site posted in there profile or the forum they get 24 hours to respond to this or they get bumped down the next people will get there spots

    Ended 2 days early

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    Re: Post Factory

    Alright Well first i have big plans For the updates /more because i had an idea i haven't seen as of yet and this would only really work for my site. i haven't discussed it with staff yet but o might need more staff i don't know yet

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    Re: Post Factory

    Well im not going to do my original post.

    Post-factory has went threw much the past 5 months since i tried to start it. It was up for a few days and something goes wrong its been opened like 8 times.The last one its not going anywhere this time. Now Its been up for almost a month and i decided and need more stuff added. Now in the Last week i have add so much to help the site out its faster and functionality is so much better. In the next day are 3rd composition will end.

    This is going to be a competition that will run forever.

    Ok i hope everyone knows what a milestone is.( if you don't its like an achievement like making 10,000 post on your forum.) Who ever get's the pre-set milestones will have a chance to win a prize. there will be a list of numbers 1-100 and will be labeled with prizes. It will be set to a 6 to 10 win ratio( 60 winners - 40 losers). There will be 1 grand prize and its going to be my fave number 13. You will win 2 numbers i will get the from and we will average them out.

    85+66 =151----> 151/2=75.5

    We will round it to the higher number so it would be 76

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