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Thread: Promoter's Park!

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    Promoter's Park!

    Site Name: Promoter's Park

    Site URL:

    Description: Promoter's Park is a free hosted forum hosted by Proboards, I say this, and admit this 100%, because I am trying to make the most successful free hosted promotional forum. We currently offer 9 advertizing services, we already have 2 people on our Package Team, we already have 1 person on our Review team, and I am currently testing a 10th service on my test forum. I plan to have a July Forum of the month, a July Blog of the month, and a July Website of the month.(When you win, I plan to give a few free services for the month)

    I made this forum to try to prove people wrong, and make a successful free hosted promotional forum.

    Yes, this may be just another promotion forum to you, but it want be just that one day. It will be much, much, more. I do not plan to give up like most people do. Yes, I know we have a lot of boards on here, I plan to maybe change that.

    Your Name on the Board: CmtSports™

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    RE: Promoter's Park!

    Nice site you've got there. I will be joining up soon.

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