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Thread: Proof that women=problems

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    Proof that women=problems

    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    Thats an interesting way of looking at (i can see how it can be true)but it is still pretty funny

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    I love to have problems in my bed....
    Cabins Renta
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    Awesome post!

    (I'll use it from today...)

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    Classic. Did you come up with this or find it floating around the web?

    Either way it has just become my desktop Image for the week.

    I'm married with one young daughter. Both of the women in my life as much as I love them are a pain in the rear! When 10 just ain't enough, Real Estate Web Sites that rock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Brown View Post
    I'm married with one young daughter.
    I had to read over that one a few times. Always remember to use commas appropriately!

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    Quote Originally Posted by firetown View Post
    I beg to differ and don't let me start listing why

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    I understand know since you have made it so clear.

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    I found a problem in my bed last night...I didn't try to resolve it...
    Cabins Renta
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    I found a problem in Will's bed last night. Then I realized, he doesn't usually notice problems; he only seems to notice opportunities.

    Diet Fads

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