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Thread: Reader or Writer?

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    Reader or Writer?

    I was just thinking about this. Do you enjoy reading what another has written or are you the one who enjoys writing to another? In other words, are you a talkative type or the kind who lends an ear.... in this case an eye or two?

    Or like me..... Are you both?

    I'm going to make this a Poll..... so bear with me a minute.....

    If you vote, don't be shy..... drop and line and tell us why.

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    I think I am little bit of both, sometime I like to listen, or you can say reading what others are saying. Often I feel like talking so it's combination of both. Listening and talking--- reading and writing.


    BTW I have voted for both as I am little bit of both.

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    More of a reader as I getting older, as more lazy to talk now, the most is typing on the computer LOL

  4. I love reading very much but I am blogging from last 3 years and very active on several forums related to webmaster niche . So you can say that I am in both category .

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    Good reading is essential to good writing. I'm both.

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