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    Reality FX

    Website Name: Reality FX

    site link:

    Website Description: Find out news on whats going on at RealityFX, If your interested please join by clicking here :

    Your name on the Board: Keitho

    -Subway Page-

    Forum Interview

    1. Why did you start Reality FX?


    2. What types of forums can we expect to discuss in?


    3. Why would someone choose your forum to go to rather than another?


    4. What software do you run, and do you ever plan on switching?


    5. Do you plan on adding new features?


    6. Do you believe the forum is doing well?


    Additional Info:

    Board Started on:


    Forum Link:



    [align=center]Find out news on whats going on at RealityFX, If your interested please join by clicking here : .[/align]


    Well we are currently looking for Active Members to become part of our staff on my new site Reality FX , here is what is required and Positions thats are available :

    Graphics Crew(2+) : Must be active online atleast 3 times weekly and post actively including tutorials etc.

    Coding Crew(2+) : Must be active online atleast 3 times weekly and post actively including tutorials etc.

    (1) = 1 position available

    (2+)= 2 or more positions available

    (opt) - optional

    Current Staff Members :

    Keitho : Admin

    Dashed : Admin

    Trey : Moderator

    Volux : Graphics

    Max: Graphics

    ????? : Graphics

    ????? : Graphics

    ????? : Coding

    ????? : Coding

    If you have any questions or would like to speak privatly please add my msn

    Here is the link : CLICK HERE

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    Reality FX is now open !

    Hello everyone, well I would gladly like to announce that RealityFX is now open to the public !! Everyone better start posting and enjoy your stay ! Please post any comments and suggestions if you have any thanks to everyone helping get RealityFX ready for today

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    Forum Skins

    Hey, great news everyone ! Thanks to Dasher for uploading skins on RealityFX you now have a selection of Dark and Light skins to choose from in a dropdown box which you will find at the bottom left of the forum Hope you like them and if you have any suggestions about the themes just let us know please.

    Please keep an eye out in the News & Announcement Section to find out latest news and updates on RealityFX Thank you everyone.

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    RealityFX is Temporarily down

    since the other Admin named Dasher is in charge of the webhosting he has no money right now to pay for it... So the site will appear as Suspended but will be open soon once i try steal a backup off him as he has done no help what so ever...

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    Re: RealityFX is Temporarily down

    That sucks !!! Let us know when it's back up, and hopefully he just says sure have the backup lol..

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    Re: RealityFX is Temporarily down

    Good News, RealityFX is back up. Just as i was about to start RealityFX all over again, Dasher redeemed himself and got the webhosting back up and the Original RealityFX is up and running. But after this inncident, it costed us to loose some activity of members which we are trying to change back around Would be great if anyone that was reading this joined and stayed active

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    RealityFX is Back Up + Updates

    Sorry for the late announcements but 2 days ago we go RealityFX back up and operational again But we feel that the server we are currently hosting is a bit slow so in the future we may be thinking on changing hosts to a more reliable and faster provider. Also RealityFX has now added a Chat Box for Instant Messages throughout our board and many more mods to come !!!

    Also RealityFX Now has a new section where we allow you to promote your site !! Here is the link ! ... promotion/

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    Re: Reality FX

    Please fill in questions.

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    Re: Reality FX


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