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Thread: The road trip to... nowhere :D

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    Talking The road trip to... nowhere :D

    A week ago I went on a quick road trip and to start off, I went down from my home and traveled south / west. I drove through Columbus Ohio and went to Dayton Ohio where my first stop was at the US National Air Force Museum. I must say it was really fascinating inside! There were many pictures of air planes and such!

    (warning might be low quality pictures as I have a cheap Digital camera)

    This one is a WWI era airplane so it's interesting to see what they had back then:

    This one I'm sure you all recognize the character:

    After going to Dayton, we went across the state boarder into Indiana. To our surprise there was nothing for miles and miles and miles. For some reason, Indiana is one of them "Country style States" and it was quite a different change of scenery. We went south and followed the Ohio river to find a riverboat casino.

    (note pics from here down are not mine but will do for now):

    Picture of the boat docked on the Ohio River:

    Picture of the front:

    Anyways, after finding this, I was finally able to go and do something fun. Next stop, Santa Claus Indiana for Holiday World.

    Holiday World is always on the Travel Channel for their Waterpark. Little did I know about how far away they would be (took about 2 hrs to get to it from where I was and my GPS thing kept messing me up lol). The best thing is they give you unlimited drinks and suncreen for free. (which is a good thing but they charge an aweful lot for what it is).

    This is a pic of the Voyage and holy crap I've never ridden a faster wooden roller coaster!

    In fact after I rode all three wooden roller coasters I was basically hurting. The three coasters here make the Son of Beast with the loop look like nothing!

    Anyways enough with roller coasters onto the water park!

    Here's a few pics of things:

    Some pics of Zoombabwe a waterslide with a ring that holds up to 5 people!

    Did I stop there? No way! Before making the long journey home, I stopped off at a Quality Inn out in the middle of French Lick for the night. The next day it was off to going back home and damn it was long even though it was only a state away!

    Hope you enjoy looking at stuff, I'm sorry I didn't get to take better pics and more at that.
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    Thanks Coastercraze I really enjoyed your pics, In fact loved the air-plane one's and waterworld was something exceptional. Don't worry about the pic quality. In short you really made my day by posting some nice pics. Thank you for sharing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coastercraze View Post
    The road trip to... nowhere
    Good! I stay in the middle of nowhere. Nice photographs of my place .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suman View Post
    Good! I stay in the middle of nowhere. Nice photographs of my place .
    I have to say though it was nice getting away from all the hustle and bustle of "city-ish" life (although I live in the suburbs and my town is 40% farmlands and slowly shrinking).

    I am highly amazed at Indiana though cause 55 MPH on sharp turns. I'll admit the roads were smooth, but my gawd who the hell goes 55 around sharp bends? I don't know how they do it!
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