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    Re: RPGCreation

    It's offline at the moment... if it's not back online within a few days I will move it to the Advert Cemetry.

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    Re: RPGCreation

    Its opening up for me now .

    You should try adding some graphics and make it more interesting .

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    Re: RPGCreation

    Looks really nice but could do with a banner.

    I know you said your friend is working on one but really you should have one before opening. :P

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    Re: RPGCreation

    Forum looks good, :

    New logo is needed but i already know that your friend is making a new one

    Get a shorter domain, if you have no money to buy a .com you can use a or or .tk or . But Since you have bought an IPB forum aswell as hosting I'm sure you would be able to buy a .com right?

    The skin looks a bit dull it seems a bit bland to me...

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    Looks good but as others have said, needs new logo.

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