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Thread: Rubik's Cube anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    "I lubed my cube before beginning the contest." - I never imagined reading that.
    lol...I still want to start a company called Rube Lube, where you can purchased lubrication to put on your Rubik's Cube to make it move faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Come View Post
    I have something for you

    Pimp That Snack
    My mom made me a Rube cake two years ago and it was pretty cool. That one is amazing.

    I want this:

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    I have had Rubik's Cube. I wasn't wery good with it. It was a bit too much for my little brains to handle. But I learned a valuable lesson.

    Rubik's Cube is not hammer-proof.

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