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    Forum Description: We are a new RuneScape strategy site which has a mission. This mission is to actually give users help which, well, helps, rather than mindless statistics. Most fansites give you boring tables rather than strategies, but does this really help? Frankly, it doesn't. We offer RuneScape tools, guides, and more that actually help! We also have a discussion forum for all help needing or just chatty RuneScapians! You deserve better than most fansites are giving you, so come and pay us a visit! You will not be disappointed.

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    Re: RuneKnow

    Even though I'm not that into Runescape it looks like a good forum

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    Re: RuneKnow

    I love the skin . Looks good !

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    Re: RuneKnow

    Very good. The skin is alright but could do with some modifications... Would be great if you could post video tutorials... It would attract more people. good site and the content is great !

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    Re: RuneKnow


    The skin may look better or worse depending on screen resolution, as it's set to a fixed 1000px width.

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    Re: RuneKnow

    Looks nice. Good job Cosmic.

    Maybe move the Register button? It's out of place and not in line with anything else..

    Just having a quick look at your site and it looks a little blank. You don't have all the skills in the 'guides' category and the images before are really blurry and not exactly in 'top shape'

    And you have made a mistake in the woodcutting guide. Willow logs actually give 67.5 exp not 6.5 exp.

    Maybe a guide for every skill would be better and a 1-99 route for ever skill. In 3 different ways aswell.

    1) Could be cheapest way to 99

    2) Could be fastest way to 99

    3) Average train to 99

    Or just the top 2.

    Nice site though. Hope it works out for you.

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    Re: RuneKnow

    I fixed the error you pointed out.

    The images on the database page are going to be remade soon, no worries.

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    I like the oldy style skin.

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