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Thread: School has ended finally!

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    School has ended finally!

    Today was the last 2 hours of school for me. And now I am back home and school is over for me for 2 months long. But I do got some tasks I got to do because I had a bad score for one class.

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    Re: School has ended finally!

    wow, congrats, first of all, and good luck with the next class. ^^ two months too, eh? have you just finished high school? since vacation after finishing high school is also around two months here. ^^

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    Re: School has ended finally!

    i finished college today!!! yay!!!
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    Re: School has ended finally!

    Nice, guys! I finished my sophomore year back on the 16th. (:

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    Re: School has ended finally!

    School ends for me next week!!

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