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Thread: School Subject

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    Re: School Subject

    Mine is ICT

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    Re: School Subject

    What's ICT?

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    Re: School Subject

    [quote name="The Hat Tipper"]What's ICT?[/quote]

    Computer studies i think.

    Mine is history.

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    Re: School Subject

    Science even though im making a 90 in there and a 96 in history.

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    Re: School Subject

    I used to like physics back when I was in school plus computers but my favourite was physical education but I left school a good while ago

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    When I was still in school I liked Visual Communications and Design, Maths and Music.

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    Lol, here I thought everyone would say a computer class. Guess not.

    My fave is Literature

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    Sadly in my school we dont have computer classes

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    Really? O.o; That's so not cool. Do you think there's any way we could get them to implement one? Computer classes are really good

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