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Thread: Should PTCs be removed

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    Should PTCs be removed

    PTC sites are a total waste of time and rarely do they ever pay. shouldnt they be discontinued, or blocked? what do you feel?

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    Well PTCs are trully a waste of time and some times the payout is gonna come to you over a month or two. So I think they should be discounted.

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    Yes, I personally believe these sites should be removed. They're a total waste of time for the users. The only people that are "profiting" from these sites are the owners themselves. It's not even worth it to click just to put your ads up instead of cashing out. Because honestly, nobody that visits the sites on PTC stay there, nor even ever look at the page. Complete waste of time in my opinion.

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    i think that there is no reason to remove PTCs, because i think: better click ads, disappoint and start doing something real. then watch pron and beat meat

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