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Thread: Sick Nursery worker

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    In my opinion this is happening far too often and by women, they are sick, who in their right mind would harm a child? It's disgusting, but will probably be put down to her being severly depressed or something along tose lines and she will be let off!!!!!

    Here's the news headline and a bit about it:

    A nursery worker from Dorset has been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a child under the age of 13.Police said the incident is alleged to have happened at a house in Poole, not the Down in the Woods nursery in Merley where the woman works.

    Officers have searched the nursery, which will remain closed on Tuesday.

    The woman was arrested on Sunday and released on bail. Police said they were working with Poole council and the local primary care trust.

    A police spokesman said: "The safety of children is Dorset Police's top priority and we are working closely with the Borough of Poole Council's children's services and the Bournemouth and Poole Primary Care Trust which are also involved in safeguarding children.

    "Police officers are speaking with witnesses as part of this investigation.

    "Dorset Police and the Borough of Poole Council are duty bound to safeguard all children and therefore close the nursery while these urgent inquiries take place."

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    They should give them a bullet to the head - two things come from this then the children are safe from them and they wont cost us taxpayers thousands each year for their care in the loopy hospitals

    Captial punishment should be brought back for this 100%, i have a little daughter and if someone hurt her they wouldnt need to worry about what to do with them as i would kill them myself no questions asked.

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    This sort of story is disgusting, I really think that life sentences should be the punishment for paedophilia every time.

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    I agree they should be made to suffer just like that poor child will have to for the rest of his life

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