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    Smart Studios

    Forum Name: Smart Studios

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    Brief Description: Smart Studios offers the best and latest in entertainment! There are TV shows to watch, plenty of exclusive downloads for the members, and tons more at Smart Studios! No matter what you enjoy, whether it be media, or just discussion, come join the forum today. We also run roleplays and various other fun activities.

    Advantages of becoming a member: Watch television for free in your browser, access useful and free legal downloads and if your a webmaster you can promote your site or forum for free in our advertising section and no we don't have any set rules or post count requirement: (you have to be a member to post an ad or view ads.)

    Join Smart Studios today! The current Statistics are we have 760 Members and 42,000 posts!

    Entertainment Forum

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    Re: Smart Studios

    Good to see Smart Studios is still going. It looks great and has a lot of activity, keep up the good work!

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    Re: Smart Studios

    I remember those forums. Glad to see it still going.

    Good luck with it.

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    Re: Smart Studios

    Nice site and activity dude .

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    Re: Smart Studios

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. Means alot.

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    I've got an account on there...interesting to see it still alive.

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    [quote name='Ruziko' date='26 February 2010 - 05:50 AM' timestamp='1267163449' post='9729']

    I've got an account on there...interesting to see it still alive.


    You do, cool whats your username there?

    And we are still very much going so feel free to join in my fellow members of the Admin Community. <333

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    Hey Kasem.

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    Looks very active but plain and boring, like the logo is very simple and so it the template. Have you ever thought about getting a new template/logo?

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