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Thread: Smoking in public

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    [quote name='Snowboi' date='17 April 2010 - 04:59 AM' timestamp='1271494768' post='13620']

    ^ How do you figure? What if I live and Florida, and public smoking is not against the law? The people in jails are smoking, and alot, infact most bars allow smoking. Where exactly are you getting all this false info from?


    Perhaps you should take some time a read Florida statutes......

    I live on the east coast and smoking is not allowed in most places.....

    Maybe you live in an area where they do not follow the law....

    Maybe when you were in jail they let you smoke.....Florida law does not allow smoking in public buildings....jails are public buildings....

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    When did I say I was in jail? I've been alot of places in Florida, infact I lived here my whole life, and went alot of places, and I've always seen people smoke when they want. Unless it just became a law, that nobody follows. Or maybe you live in a up tight area where everybody follows every law, which in the USA, 90% of the people dont follow every law.

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    Well you got me there ....

    I have only lived in Florida for 55 years.....

    Only been in law enforcement for over 20 years ...only taught criminal law for about 5 years....

    But then do you know people smoke in jail if you haven't been there?.....

 are right one follows all the laws all the time....

    In my last year in office as an elected Florida sheriff, we arrested about 10,000 people....

    So you see I am slightly familiar with Florida law.....

    Have a great day.....

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    So wait, your 55 and coming to this forum???? Hahahahahaha!!!!! That just had my day, I never knew people even 40 would bother coming and posting on any forums that have to do with webmaster, ect.. Trust me, I've knew enough peopel that went to jail. I gotta ask you a question, why do you think the people in jail get money? They buy some food (depends on the food at the store there, some jails have something like a small food store where convicts are the workers, and the convicts buy the food that is not a meal), they also buy smokes there. I could care less if you say that you were or are a cop, because everybody should know that nobody follows the law.

    ---END OF STORY---

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    Actually I am 66 and coming to this forum....thought I might be able to help a little....maybe even learn something...never too old to learn...

    Been on the net for 10 years.....I am a content producer and site design/builder......

    I don't need a class on jail operation....I ran three at once.....

    Your attitude is part of what is wrong with society now....

    After you grow up you may understand.....

    Now....that is the end of the story.....

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    I hate smoking full out. I'll never support it.

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