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Thread: Smoking in public

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    Do you think it should be banned?

    I think it's much better for a lot of people now it is banned, so I support the ban.

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    Personally I hate it. It is terrible, and I hold my breath for a certain amount of time everytime I walk by a smoker.

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    Smoking should be banned full stop I hate it I take my daughter for a walk and some fat twazzock lites up in front of us and then all his smoke goes over my baby daughter and he dont care, you wont believe how many people I have already had a real big go at in public becuase of this.

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    Yea, I cant stand when people smoke because they think it looks cool. A friend of mine started, and he still think its cool, when I cant stand it. I'm no sure it should be banned, because so many people would break down, and have problems.

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    I hate it, so I fully support a ban. It's already banned in most places here in Australia, like pubs.

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    Smoking is like snorting the devil's Jizz. No good can come out of it. I have hated smoking since I was young, seeing my parents did it around me... a lot. I grew up, having a lung condition because of it. I curse all smokers. They deserve the lung cancer, they pump into them.

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    It must be a pain in the arse for smokers. I am against it, even though I am not a smoker.

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    If smoking were banned in the United States, everyone's sales, income, and property taxes would skyrocket. The government has its hands so deep in the industry's pockets and makes too much money off of tobacco.

    I believe that smoking in public buildings (schools, hospitals, libraries, et al) should be banned as they are intended for the use of everyone. Private establishments (restaurants, bars, etc) should be allowed to decide for themselves and make a clear posting of that decision at the door. They are private property after all, and no one is forced to enter.

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    In Florida smoking is public restaurants....most bars (some cheat)....I go to private clubs....drinks are cheaper and I can smoke...

    I try to be a courteous smoker and respect non smokers...

    Heck even the jails are no smoking....

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    ^ How do you figure? What if I live and Florida, and public smoking is not against the law? The people in jails are smoking, and alot, infact most bars allow smoking. Where exactly are you getting all this false info from?

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