Any skiers or snow borders on here?

I'm curious as to what is the most fun to do on snow.

Currently I think that I am fairly good at skiing and starting out with snow boarding (beginner level at the moment).

With skiing it is very technical where there is always something new to learn and I seem to be able to blast past most snowboarders on the slopes.

But I like the idea of surfing down the piste and jumping on a snow board, even though most snow boarders are sliding side-ways down the mountain, and sitting on their butt most of the time it seems.

On land I can skateboard, and on water I can wind surf. For some background info.

So, my experiment at the moment is to find the most awesome way to enjoy snow (as part of perfecting my ideal lifestyle). I saw some niche ideas such as body boarding on snow, sit-on skates, skiing blades etc.

So chip in with your thoughts ...