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Thread: Social Networking

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    All day I am on the computer pretty much. So at least 2-4 hours a day, weekends even more. I am usually on a chat with online friends that we work on our websites with each other and get ideas/help and etc...Also on forums a lot so that is included as well. Not facebook really. Only on that for a few seconds to check messages as facebook is somewhat slow for me, not sure why either.

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    I have a myspace account, but I rarely go on it, I mean RARELY, like once a month. I dont do the stuff, nobody is ever what they claim to be online.

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    Facebook, and twitter is about it.

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    Well, I would say I hardly take part, though I use my 2hrs in a month on social Networkings, and that isnt a Huge Time, I know...LOL

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    i used facebook all day long

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    So far, I have my Facebook opened as long as I am online.

    I mostly rely on Facebook for local news snce they are updated very fast.

    AFAIK, I'm online at least 5 hours a day.

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    I login to my Facebook account all the time to play games and chat with friends.

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    Earlier I used to spend a lot of time in social networking but right now I'm more into forums

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    If im online i check my facebook every 30mins or so. Im sort of addicted to the place.

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    not really, i dont like to spend too much time on social network, but on forums more often.

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