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Thread: Social Networking

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    Social Networking

    How much of your time on the computer is dedicated to social networking?

    I'd say a reasonable amount of time, I'm on Facebook a lot of the time.

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    Re: Social Networking

    I used to use Social Networking sites all the time but rarely use them anymore. Went on twitter yesterday, though.

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    Re: Social Networking

    Most if mine is either gaming or on websites not related to Social Networking, however I do use my facebook to communicate with some of my friends.

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    Re: Social Networking

    I used to always use Social Networks, now I barely check my Facebook.

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    Re: Social Networking

    I go to Facebook like twice a week only. Webb Chatter has a little mod installed now that is social networking, but in smaller form.

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    Re: Social Networking

    Very very little. I basically visit facebook now and then but I don't make a habit of it.

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    Re: Social Networking

    Would you believe if I say that I dont have a single account in any of the Social Networking sites ?

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    I have a FaceBook and a Twitter account. I usually try to tweet at least once a day, though it's often bi-daily. As for FaceBook, I don't get on much. I try some advertising through it, but nothing huge as of yet.

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    I tweet occasionally, and I occasionally post on Facebook. I generally just check status updates and that's about it.

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    Just when ever i am bored really, i am on Twitter and Facebook.

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