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Thread: Solar eclipse a 'sign of doom'?

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    Question Solar eclipse a 'sign of doom'?

    Astrologers see tomorrow's total solar eclipse as a bad, bad sign. What do you think?

    Link: Solar eclipse pits superstition against science - Yahoo! Singapore News

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    Well... I don't believe in such kind of things which includes astrologers....

    We belong to webmasters world... Its not a thing to believe...

    - Digital -

  3. A solar eclipse is a natural event. But the way things are going these days, who really knows? And who really knows how gravitational pull can affect the earths surface? There might be something that science can not tell us at this time.

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    I watched the live TV telecast on the eclipse in China, it really went total darkness like the night for about 5 mins, amazing! Next eclipse will happens in 2010 on Easter Island.

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    Astrology is silly.

    I just look what Astronomy will say.

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