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Thread: Somali pirates captured after ‘ill-advised’ attack on Dutch warship Tromp

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    Dutch Marines fought off an ill-advised attempt by pirates to hijack the warship Tromp off the coast of Somalia yesterday.

    Troops fired warning shots when the pirates raced towards them in two small skiffs — prompting a swift about-turn and an unsuccessful attempt to flee when the pirates realised their mistake. The skiffs were later sunk and the pirates’ weapons confiscated. “It shows a lack of sophistication — but it is a warning that they will attack any vessel,” Commander John Harbour, an EU Naval Force spokesman, said.

    The EU Naval Force has disrupted 11 pirate attack groups off the coast of East Africa over the past two weeks as part of a more offensive mindset to stop pirate attacks, he said.

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    Lol the irony of Somali pirates getting captured.

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    I hope this gets ended soon and those pirates get arrested.

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