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Thread: Some of my stuff

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    Some of my stuff

    Here's some of my stuff, as you can see I like to vary in my creations. Please tell me which ones you like and why. :P

    This is my attempt to create an medieval tapestry. It's combined from a lot of tapestries that I found on the net.

    It depicts an epic battle between men and a griffon. (I know the story could be a bit more detailed)

    This is one of the series of monsters that I made

    The inside of my head, explaining the voices. And they thought that I was crazy!

    Something abstract that I started ins school and ended up finishing in photoshop

    For more you can visit my DA acc:

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    Re: Some of my stuff

    The tapestry's mostly Bayeux right?

    I love the voices in the head, I must say.

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    Re: Some of my stuff

    [quote name="Jubal_Barca"]The tapestry's mostly Bayeux right?[/quote]

    I have to say that I don't know xD

    I remember making this a few years back and just googling tapestries.

    [quote name="Jubal_Barca"]I love the voices in the head, I must say.[/quote]

    Thanks, I got the idea when I found some x-rays of whole people doing everyday stuff.

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    Re: Some of my stuff

    I love the tapestries one. I like anything like that though

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    Re: Some of my stuff

    wow, nice pictures. such unique ones, hehe~

    I love the first picture.

    thanks for sharing it here, and I'm looking forward to see more! ^^

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    Re: Some of my stuff

    Thanks, I'm glad that you like it.

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