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Thread: Spider Cat... Spider Cat....

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    Spider Cat... Spider Cat....

    A cat has amazed its owner by learning to climb up the walls of her house to get back in when he's locked out.

    Charlie scales the walls of his master's home in Denny, near Falkirk, to sneak indoors via an upstairs balcony.

    The ginger and white tomcat's gravity-defying skills have earned him the nickname 'Spider-cat', reports the Daily Telegraph.

    His owner Hannah Smith discovered his talent when she let him out of the front door, only for him to reappear indoors moments later.

    Ananova - Spider-cat climbs walls

    Diet Fads

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    That's an insane cat! My cat can climb on everything, but not on walls
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Amazing. Evolution on sight.

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    ha ha ha, but actually, I've seen cat climb wall few times... I live in indonesia and cats do that everytime....

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    I have seen cats take down game as big as Zebras on the Discovery Channel

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